Orthodox church welcomes bishop

by Derek Cornet

Congregants at All Saints Orthodox Church in Meadow Lake were blessed last Sunday with the presence of His Grace Irénée, the Bishop of Quebec City.

Walking along a path adorned with red rose petals, the bishop made his way into the church under a bright and clear sky. Father Leonard Herrem said the bishop’s visit to the church was a very special occasion and he was honoured the bishop had come to celebrate the church’s feast day with its congregants.

“The best comparison I can think of is if the Queen were to visit Meadow Lake,” he said. “That’s not a stretch by any comparison. He’s the head of our church and he has come to bless our efforts and let us know we’re working hard and suffering on behalf of the church.”

All Orthodox churches are consecrated in honour of apostles or saints and celebrate a feast day to mark the special connection. This past Sunday – which was the first Sunday after Pentecost – marked the commemoration day of all of the saints. Herrem said the occasion was significant for the church in Meadow Lake.

During the service, congregants came together and vested the bishop, which Herrem explained represents how everyone who gathered were all servants together. Afterward, the bishop led the people outside where they prayed for the church and community.

“The bishop is not a hierarchy who comes down with decrees,” Herrem said. “He comes to serve.”


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