King re-signs with L.A.

by Phil Ambroziak

Meadow Lake’s Dwight King, 25, recently signed a new three-year deal with the Los Angeles Kings of the National Hockey League worth $5.85 million. King confirmed the amount, which works out to be close to $1.95 million per season, when contacted last week.

“We agreed to terms late Tuesday (July 29) and the deal was announced Wednesday morning,” King said. “This deal is different in that it’s for three years – one more year than my previous contract was for – and my numbers are higher than they were before. It’s definitely a great deal.”

According to online sources, King was previously signed to a standard, $1.5 million deal ($750,000 per season).

The new deal was made with only days to go before last Friday’s scheduled arbitration hearing.

“Arbitration sees a player arrive with a platform of how much he thinks he should be paid while the team will counter,” King explained. “There’s also a guy on hand to listen to both sides and help them reach an agreement,” “Our negotiations had been sort of ongoing, but the team had been in contact with my agent much more frequently in the last little while.”

King scored 15 goals and earned 15 assists in 77 regular season games last year. During the recent playoffs, which ultimately saw L.A. win its second Stanley Cup in franchise history, King had three goals and eight assists.

A fourth-round pick by the Kings (No. 109) at the 2007 NHL Draft, King has a total of 24 goals, 30 assists and 41 penalty minutes in 157 games.

“With the business aspect out of the way, now I can focus on preparing my body and mind on the game itself – something I’ve enjoyed for a lot of years now,” King added.

King plans to return to L.A. in early September. In the meantime, however, he remains busy building a new home north of Meadow Lake while this week’s schedule will see him taking part in the annual King’s Hockey School at Flying Dust First Nation and meeting with local fans when he brings the Stanley Cup to PineRidge Ford Theatre at Lions Park tomorrow (Aug. 6).

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