Fire destroys Loon Lake home

by Derek Cornet

A Loon Lake family is homeless after a fire destroyed their residence.
Shortly after midnight Jan. 26, the local fire department responded to a call about a mobile home on fire along Highway 26 and Main Street.

Fire chief Larry Heon said firefighters reached the fire within five minutes, but much of the structure was already lost. They remained on scene until 5 a.m. and, while the home was declared a loss, the neighbouring building was saved.

“I talked to the homeowner and he believes it began in the wall,” Heon said. “He felt the wall was burning by an electric stove.”

Heon noted the fire in the mobile home, which included an addition, spread rapidly. He also said homeowner Ron Koma initially attempted to fight the flames, adding it’s instinct for people to do so, but said it’s most important to call 911 first so help can be on the way quickly.

He also commended the assistance bystanders provided to fire crews. Heon said some people held flashlights while others moved hoses. Being a small department, he appreciates the help.

“It’s very touching and the community is getting together,” Heon remarked.

Students at Ernie Studer School are also rallying for the family. The family has a child who attends the school. Principal Brad Freyman said a classroom is being used to collect donations.

“I’m pretty proud of our community and the students in our school,” he said.

This week, the Grade 8 and 9 class at Ernie Studer will begin several projects to raise funds. They’ll begin with a week-long food drive, which will be followed by a spirit day and bake sale. A donation box will also be set up at the Loon Lake Recreational Supper Feb. 8.


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