Loon Lake pair wins bronze

Phil Ambroziak

Ernie Studer School in Loon Lake has earned a provincial medal for badminton.

During the championship event held this past weekend at A.E. Peacock Collegiate in Moose Jaw, Grade 11 athlete Sarah Levesque-Osiowy and her partner, Kyle McCaig, claimed third place in mixed-doubles action when they defeated the pair from Hepburn School in the bronze medal game. The athletes were victorious after three sets featuring scores of 21-13, 21-12 and 21-9 respectively.

“They gave an incredible performance,” remarked Ernie Studer School principal and badminton coach Brad Freyman. “They did very well, especially considering they’d both been singles players throughout their high school careers. We didn’t transition them into a mixed-doubles team until about five weeks ago.”

During the semi-final round, Levesque-Osiowy and McCaig lost to the team from Carrot River in two straight. Prior to the medal round, the duo lost to the team from Bishop James Mahoney High School in Saskatoon in three sets, defeated the squad from Annaheim School in three, as well as the team from Archbishop M.C. O’Neill High School in Regina in three.

“All eight teams in the tournament were pretty evenly matched,” Freyman said. “After a pretty tough semi-final, Kyle and Sarah regrouped with great composure and focus to come back. As a coach, I was extremely proud to see them persevere and represent Ernie Studer School as they did.”
McCaig, meanwhile, agreed things went well for him and Levesque-Osiowy.

“As a Grade 12 student, this was a great way for me to finish out my senior year of badminton,” McCaig said.

While Levesque-Osiowy still has another year of badminton to go at Ernie Studer, she was equally pleased to see her friend go out on a high note.

“I was really happy to have the chance to play with Kyle because he’s one of my best friends,” she said. “It was sort of random for us to be thrown together like we were, but it worked out in the end and I’m very proud of what we’ve achieved.”


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