Sox drop second-round playoff game to Lloydminster

by Phil Ambroziak

The Milltown White Sox will be looking to turn the tables on the Lloydminster Twins when the two teams meet tonight (July 28) in Game 2 of their North Saskatchewan River Baseball League (NSRBL) playoff series.

Tonight’s game will take place at Assman Field in Lions Park following what turned out to be a devastating loss for the Meadow Lake squad when they travelled to Lloydminster July 23. In Game 1 of the second-round series, the Twins defeated the Sox 8-1.

“It didn’t go very well at all,” remarked veteran Sox player Craig Weran. “It was one of those cases where everything that could go wrong did go wrong.”

Weran described the first inning as disastrous for his team citing multiple errors led to an early 6-0 Lloydminster lead.

“We just made too many mistakes defensively,” he said.

Sox player and team manager Kevin Gerwing agreed, adding the skeleton crew that attended the away game didn’t help.

“We were missing three of our starters, which I believe resulted in that terrible first inning,” Gerwing explained. “After that, we were able to play some solid baseball, but they were still able to come away with the 8-1 win.”

Drydon Beaubien scored the lone run for the Sox in the final inning.

Meanwhile, as Meadow Lake prepares for tonight’s effort, both Gerwing and Weran agree stronger defence is key in tying the series at one game apiece.

“We need to have a better start, stronger defence and we need to manufacture some hits,” Gerwing noted.

With the majority of players back in the dugout, hope remains this will indeed happen.

“We just need to be better,” Weran said. “They’re going to hit the ball, so we need to be there defensively and be able to make plays on the field.”

First-round sweep

Meadow Lake advanced to the second round of the NSRBL playoffs July 20 when they defeated the St. Walburg Reds 8-7, claiming their opening series in two straight games.

“We were up 7-2 in that one, but started making errors behind Craig (who was pitching) and this let them get back in the game,” Gerwing said. “Luckily, we were able to hold on for the win.”

Gerwing also said the team’s bats eventually “came alive.”

“Pretty much everyone got a hit or got on base somehow or another, and a few of our guys were able to get out of slumps they were having,” he said. “This allowed us to get that comfortable lead, but had we played tighter defence it wouldn’t even have been close.”

If necessary, Game 3 of the Meadow Lake-Lloydminster series will be played at Lions Park tomorrow night (July 29).

“Lloyd are the defending league champs and have been for the last two years,” Gerwing said.

Meadow Lake finished the 2015 regular season with an overall record of 9-4.


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