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3 Responses to “Contact”
  1. Karlee E. says:

    Hi. I’m commenting about the front page headline of Meadow Lake’s newspaper. As a christian I found the headline to be offensive to our religion. Your ‘play on words’ lets readers assume that in some way Dwight King is equal to Jesus Christ. I would very much appreciate, along with the rest of the christian community, if the Northern Pride would not act is such a manor any longer. Thank you for listening to your readers.

  2. Donna Littlemore says:

    May I use this to respond to letters to the editor and articles that have appeared over the last couple of weeks? Let me know if you are able to use this letter from here, or if I should send you an email, or an actual paper letter.

    Saskatchewan Parks Are for Everyone
    I have been reading articles and letters in the Northern Pride regarding the Provincial Parks reservation system. I am a former resident of Meadow Lake, and I very much enjoy coming every summer to camp in the Meadow Lake Park or the Makwa Lake Park, to reconnect with friends and family, and because they are beautiful parks.

    I am thrilled with the reservation system, and I am so pleased with how they improved it this year over last year. Before the new system began we found people who had come and put their camper on a site the first day the park was open and kept that site all summer, even though they weren’t there all the time. That meant people who came to camp could not get a site. There are some seasonal sites; perhaps there should be a few more for people who want to stay all summer, but I am certain there would always be more potential seasonal campers than sites. Also, we had no idea where our site was, or what it was like until we actually got there.

    People from more than thirty minutes away ( I am six hours away) would never set out from home with their trailer not knowing whether or not there was a site for them. With this system, people can plan their holidays in advance, and know exactly what to expect. Campers from all over the province have an equal chance to camp in those great parks, bringing tourism dollars into the community.

    I am sure the people in Parks know that they will never make everyone happy, but I think they are doing the best they can to give the largest number of Saskatchewan residents a chance to enjoy our beautiful parks. It is possible that, since most people get three weeks of holidays, they could make some of the sites reservable for 21 days, but I believe there are already lots of sites that don’t have a maximum stay.

    As far as how the site works, it does certainly work better for people who are more familiar with technology. On one of the days I went on the site with my cell phone and my computer. My opinion on that is that our government departments need to be utilizing the latest technology. I can hardly wait for our mountains of snow to melt so we can get the camping season started.

    Donna Littlemore
    Regina, Sk.

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